Professor Bob Lonne

Bob is a Professor and Discipline Lead of Social Work in the School of Health. Bob has a distinguished career in direct practice and has held managerial positions in the mental health, statutory child protection and juvenile justice fields in both Queensland and Western Australia. His PhD research examined the factors affecting the recruitment and retention of rural social workers, as well as the process of personal and professional adjustment they experienced when relocating to take up a position in a rural community.

Bob's main research interests and expertise includes:

  • Reform of contemporary child protection systems and the impacts on children, families and practitioners.
  • Human Services workforce planning and development
  • Rural communities, social care and social welfare service delivery issues including the recruitment and retention of human service practitioners
  • Disaster response and recovery for human service agencies and vulnerable communities
  • Ethical practice within the changing Human Services environment.
  • The interface between social policy frameworks and human services practice.

Bob's main methodological expertise includes:

  • Mixed methods

Student to completion (PhD), (MHons), (BHons)

Number: 7

Contact details

Phone: +61 2 6773 5797