Associate Professor Godfrey Isouard

Godfrey is course coordinator and discipline lead of Health Management studies at UNE, and currently National Vice President Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM). Godfrey’s research focus is on leadership, management, evaluation and review of organisational performance, the health management workforce, and building capacity, education, curriculum and training nationally and within the Asia-Pacific region. This includes published work on the development of a competency framework for the health leadership workforce. Godfrey has a strong management and practices focus to the research, particularly concerning the evaluation of accountabilities and system performance, and the linkage of these to educational curricula, organisational development and system reform.

Godfrey’s main research interests and  expertise includes:

  • Health services management
  • Organisational performance
  • Quality and safety improvement
  • Health management workforce
  • Health management competency framework
  • Innovation and creativity in leadership

Godfrey’s main methodological expertise includes:

  • Qualitative research
  • Mixed methods

Student to completion (PhD) (MHons), (BHons)

Number: 6

Contact details

Phone: +61 0267733954

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Isouard G, Martins JM, Friedman LH. (2015). ‘Competency in innovation, creative and innovative thinking:  challenges within the Health Management course curriculum’, Journal of Health Administration Education, 32 (3), 257- 269.

Isouard, G. (2015). Visioning the future and encouraging creativity.  In G. Day & S. Leggat (Eds.), Leadership and Management in Healthcare (pp. 254- 264), Melbourne, Cambridge University Press.