Current HDR Students

Mental Health & Wellbeing

First NameSurnameCoursePrincipal SupervisorTitle of Project
LisaChampionPhDMaple, MyfanwyThe internal world of the psychotherapist: understanding how lived experience influences clinical practice
KevinClaytonMPHILLuxford, Yoni Role of Herbal Adaptogens in Naturopathic Stress Treatments - Case Studies
MatthewDohertyPhDConway, Jane Factors associated with retention in the counselling process: the adolescent male's perspective
LyndaDolanPhDConway, JaneThe role of spirituality in Psychotherapeutic Intervention
LesleyDouglasPhDUsher, Kim To determine what motivates disadvantaged adolescents who have been prior participants in the Youth Insearch program to participate as leaders, and to measure and understand the outcomes of participating in the program
JillFisherPhDMaple, Myf What defines some slide cluster/contagion, what is the impact on those exposed and what is an effective response?
ThereseForbesMPhil (Research)Luxford, YoniInvestigating the roles of value-based practice in reducing bullying in rural and remote health workplace culture
ScottGartshoreMPhil (CW)Maple, MyfanwyExploring benefits and challenges in developing Social Work Practicums in schools
Julie-AnneGeddesPHDMaple, MyfContribution of continuing bonds and after death experiences to psychological growth
Sheryl HateleyMPhil (CW)Lonne, BobMurder suicide involving children and families
NusratJahanPHDLuxford, Yoni Early Postnatal Care for Mothers and Babies in Rural Bangladesh
GraemeJamesMCHLuxford, YoniPsychotherapists Near-Death Experiences and their Impact on Development and Practice
NicolaJamiesonPhDMaple, MyfanwyThe war inside: making sense of suicide through narratives – community portraits of shame and suicide with former Australian Defence Force members
DebraKlagesPhDUsher, KimMental Health Clinicians as 'informal' Carers: Intersections with Acute Mental Health Services
Richard Kai-CheungLauPHDLonne, BobDevelopment of the 'Suffering Transformation Insight Counselling'
FionaMurrayMPhil (CW)Maple, MyfanwyWinanngaay … To Know, To Learn, To Understand, Your Way
Daniel GerardNugusMPhil (CW)Maple, Myfanwy Developing proactive services for bereaved people who come in contact with the Coronial system
Tania PearcePhDMaple, Myfanwy Evaluating the effectiveness of a multi-component, community-based program (BackTrack) in preventing juvenile crime recidivism in rural communities.
MichaelSmartPhDMaple, MyfRestorative Justice for Marginalised Youth in Rural Settings
CarolineValeMPhil (CW)Lonne, BobHow does the application of Indigenous knowledges and culturally appropriate policy frameworks contribute to the addressing the impacts of child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities?
AdrianWebberPhDLonne, BobExamining substance dependence through the psychodynamic lens of attachmen theory

Patient Safety & Wellbeing

First NameSurnameCoursePrincipal SupervisorTitle of Project
Ibrahim AlasqahPhDUsher, KimHealth Risk Behaviours among Adolescent Boys in Secondary Schools in Onaizah, Qassim Province, Saudi Arabia
YousefAlenaziPhDIsouard, GodfreyThe readability of health centres to apply e-management to meet the standards of total quality
Jalal NayemAlharbiPhDUsher, Kim Burnout and Job Satisfaction among Saudi Critical Care Nurses
Musaed Ali AAlharbiPhDIsouard, GodfreyFactors influence and impact the implementation of ICD 10 in Saudi Hospitals
Mohammad AlkhameesPhD 3yrParker, Vicki Measuring the Quality of Healthcare services in Qassim Region of Saudi Arab: A User Perspective Study
Abdullah Saleh AAlruwailiPhDUsher, KimDisaster preparedness in hospitals of Eastern Region in Saudi Arabia: Emergency management response and planning.
FionaBarrettMPHILConway, JaneAn observation study of sun protective behaviour in attendees at an outdoor entertainment event in Armidale
DouglasBellamyPhDParker, VickiImproving the Rural Cancer Experience: Enhancing Coordination to reduce burden of treatment and care
SallyBristowPhDUsher, KimExploring the factors that impact families caring for child with chronic health condition in a rural setting
ZacharyByfieldMphilConway, JaneWhat is the experience of the Student Nurse Undergoing Clinical Placement at a Primary Health Facility?
JoanneDurkinPhDUsher, KimAn investigation into the expression of compassion and experience of compassionate care in a hospital setting.
AntheaFaganPHDParker, VickiHow does education delivered through simulation impact health professional behaviour related to patient safety in 
KatherineGashMPhilIsouard, GodfreyWhat are female STEMM practitioners’ perceptions of the United Kingdom’s Athena Swan pilot program in Australian Universities?
ElaineGilbody TownerMPhil (CW)East, LeahThe career trajectory of successful nursing professors - An Australian exploratory study: study of the Academic Nurse
MichelleGilesPHDParker, Vicki  Exploring the Clinical Nurse Consultant Role in HNELHN
RikkiJonesMPhil Usher, KimPatterns of methamphetamine-related emergency department presentations 2010-2015
Humayun KabirPhDMaple, MyfanwyWomen workers and health related vulnerabilities in the Readymade Garment (RMG) sector Bangladesh
LindaKellyMPhil (Nsg)Luxford, Yoni Optimising health outcomes for homeless persons within an urban setting: a particularly action research project
MatthewKrugMPhil (CW)Parker, VickiBarriers to implementation of clinical Guidelines in Rural facilities in relation to urinary catheter insertion.
Chi Wai (Paul)LeePHDLuxford, YoniDecisions about Care Priorities at the Final Stage of Life: Listening to Renal Dialysis Patients and Carers in Hong Kong
ManuelaMalagutiMPhil (CW)Luxford, YoniHealth Literacy: challenges and strategies of Australian Integrative Health Services to improve outcome in the management of oral mucositis secondary to chemotherapy and radiation therapy in cancer patients
Rae MoodyMPhil (CW)Luxford, YoniExploring songwriting to make sense of challenging nursing practice encounters
Rachel MargaretPeakeMPHILUsher, KimEvaluation of the processes involved to develop Education Resources for Aboriginal people
Matthew DouglasPerryPhDUsher, KimPatient Expectations Of Paramedic Interventions. An Exploration of Perspectives and Experiences of the Pre-Hospital Role of Paramedics: Insights From Key Stakeholders
SM AtiqurRahmanPhDIsouard, GodfreyOpportunities and challenges of health care: a critical analysis of mHealth services and stream of behaviour change in rural Bangladesh
NandiniRayMPhil (CW)Maple, MyfanwyImpact of exposure to suicide death of a military veteran family member
PeterRedonaPhDUsher, KimPatterns of stimulant drug related emergency department presentations 2010-2015
ElizabethRyanPhDUsher, KimA mixed method case study to explore the efficacy and acceptability of hourly intentional rounding in a rural hospital