Coledale Health and Education Clinic

The Coledale Health and Education Clinic is a multidisciplinary primary health care service, focused on offering students a unique clinical placement. The clinic emphasises community engagement, centred client care, leadership and interprofessional practice.

The Coledale community is located in West Tamworth, it has a high Indigenous population and is considered a low socio-economic area. Members of the community attend the clinic for a diverse range of physical, mental and psychosocial concerns.

UNE Student Placements

For students attending the Coledale Health and Education Clinic, their daily clinical experiences are varied and may include:

  • Aboriginal healthcare and outreach services
  • crisis management and referral
  • chronic disease management
  • health assessment and triage
  • provision of education
  • healthcare management
  • provision of care across the lifespan
  • Child and Family health checks

For more information on placements at Coledale, contact the Coordinator for Clinical/Field Learning. For more information on Coledale clinical placements, please contact