The New England Virtual Health Network

The University of New England (UNE) strives to be the university of choice for students and researchers who desire to transform their lives and build resilient communities. The New England Virtual Health Network (NEViHN) brings this bold strategy to life.

NEViHN is an innovative education and healthcare network that supports the delivery of in-place healthcare for patients and in-place learning for all future UNE medicine and health students in the New England North West region. The New England North West region covers almost 10 million hectares and is home to over 185,00001 people.

Over time, the NEViHN will expand placements to additional rural, regional and remote  (RRR) locations and more health disciplines, including allied health and nursing students. Virtual training programs will be expanded, and a library of case studies and procedures created to broaden the student experience. Additional clinical specialists from beyond the New England North West region will be leveraged to deliver telehealth patient services and education for students and RRR host General Practices through the Joint Virtual Care Centre (JVCC).

Joint Virtual Care Centre

The JVCC is a digitally-enabled network that will provide educational access across dispersed locations and between students, practitioners and local health services. This will improve the student experience, the size and quality of the health workforce and RRR health outcomes. It will deliver an education and healthcare model for replication and expansion across NSW and eventually Australia.

1 186,864 people as of 2018; Australian Bureau of Statistics, Region Summary, 2019.