Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled below a list of frequently asked questions to assist our future and current HDR candidates.These FAQ’s supplement the information provided on our Graduate Research School web pages. Please feel free to contact the Faculty of Medicine and Health Graduate Research School if there is a question that has not been answered below.

What is an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is an official document and record from an awarding university/institution, showing all grades, results and information about your degree (including the proportion of any research (thesis/methods) components).

When can I commence my research candidature?

HDR candidates can commence their study at any time throughout the calendar year, as trimester time-frames and breaks do not apply to HDR candidates.

Note: HDR candidates receive 20 days annual leave per year, and may apply for a leave of absence from their research studies when required.

Can I still enrol as a candidate in a HDR degree if I was not successful with a scholarship application?

HDR candidature applications are received all year. If you have applied for a stipend scholarship and were not been successful in this round, you may reapply for candidature in the next scholarship round. UNE HDR Research Training Program (RTP) funded tuition places are available for successful Australian domestic, permanent residents and New Zealand citizens, year round. View more information on the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Domestic Scholarships.

Can I transfer my existing HDR project from my current university to UNE?

Firstly, UNE would need to identify if they were able to support your research project with supervisors that have relevant scholarly expertise in your field; and secondly, that the proposed supervisor would have the capacity and resources for a timely completion of a high-quality research project.

In the event of a transfer, the length of HDR candidature will be adjusted to take into account time already spent. A letter from your current university must detail the consumed EFTSL (effective full-time study load) and remaining balance of EFTSL would be required along with your UNE application for HDR candidature.

What candidature support is available to me?

Support is available in numerous ways throughout candidature with your Principal Supervisor being your key contact who will provide guidance on all aspects throughout your research journey. All new HDR candidates are required to participate in an induction provided by Research Services that offers a range of personal and professional development programs to enhance the higher degree experience. The program is delivered at the UNE Armidale Campus on a monthly basis. UNE also holds an annual HDR Postgraduate Research Conference designed to give all HDR candidates an opportunity to present their work in a formal conference environment.

At UNE we have a great support system for our students studying on campus and online. We're here to help you with your study, your career development and life outside of the classroom. From administrative to personal support services, our goal is to ensure your university life is as easy and enjoyable as possible!

UNE provides student services and support, including service for international students and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders students.

HDR candidates undertake bi-annual reporting of their progress, as do their Principal Supervisors. Additionally, each HDR candidate undertakes a major milestone called: the Confirmation of Candidature. This takes place within twelve months of commencement as a full-time student (or part-time equivalent) to potentially progress their candidature status from probationary to confirmed. This ensures the candidate has devised a viable research project with appropriate methodology and a panel of experts in that area will determine the candidate’s capacity to successfully compete their project within course time-lines.

If concerns are raised about your progress it is likely that an intervention strategy will be implemented to address the impediment. This may also be prompted by an unsuccessful Confirmation of Candidature outcome or offer conditions not being met.

How do I meet and connect with other HDR student researchers?

The Faculty of Medicine and Health provides opportunities to connect with established researchers and HDR students in your field. This includes holding regular seminars where researchers present their conference papers and other research projects. HDR students are invited and encouraged to attend these seminars via email. Along with your supervisors, other established researchers and methodology experts, we encourage you to connect with your fellow peers to maximise and enrich the intellectual and social opportunities at UNE.

Opportunities and copies of information from previous Research Seminars.

Where do I find more information?

If you have any other questions or require further information, please email the Faculty Research Office at