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Principal Supervisors are responsible for providing HDR Students with an induction early (usually within one month of commencement). The Principal Supervisor will discuss and complete with the student a copy of the Supervisor and Student Agreement. This agreement assists in establishing a professional working relationship and sets realistic expectations of you and your supervisors. At a minimum, this induction must include:

  • the sources of support and guidance;
  • the timeframe when the confirmation process will be held (ideally with an estimated date);
  • the composition of the Confirmation Panel (by role, not necessarily by name);
  • how the Panel will conduct the Confirmation of Candidature process;
  • the criteria that are required to successfully complete confirmation;
  • the importance of Confirmation of Candidates as a major milestone in candidature; and
  • the consequences of not passing confirmation.

A copy of the Supervisor and Student Agreement will be provided to the student, the Faculty Research Office and Research Services.

Research Services

As a new HDR candidate at UNE, you are invited to attend a face-to-face induction session by the Research Services Directorate where key research staff will share their knowledge on a variety of topics with you. Alternatively, you can watch the recording of the Induction Webinar through the HDR Resources and Advice Portal (RAP). The induction session aims to familiarise you with:

  • what is expected of you as a HDR candidate;
  • who to talk to if you need assistance or advice;
  • support services that are in place to help you achieve your goals

To enquire about the next scheduled induction session, please contact the HDR Team via AskUNE or see details below on how to access the HDR Resources and Advice Portal.

HDR Resources and Advice Portal (HDR RAP)

You have automatically been enrolled in the Higher Degree Research Resources and Advice Portal (HDR RAP). This portal is embedded in Moodle and has been designed to assist you in navigating your path through your HDR Candidature at UNE. The Portal is divided into five topics that reflect the different stages of your candidature: Getting Started, Research Stage, Writing Up, Completion, and Early Career. Each topic contains forms, policies, helpful resources, advice and assistance to guide you on your research journey. There is also a suite of recordings of webinars which have been held on various topics of importance to HDR candidates. You can login to the Portal using your UNE username and password.

HDR Portal Log In

Communication with the University

In order to assist UNE staff to help you in a timely manner, please provide your student number in all forms of communication, including: emails, written correspondence, all candidature related forms and telephone conversations.

Although we may be able to provide advice face-to-face or over the phone, you are expected to lodge any formal applications and requests in writing. You can lodge application forms and queries via AskUNE.

Our written response will be sent to your UNE student email account. You can also review the history of your communications with us via the “My History” tab in AskUNE, which is the main online access point for students.

To keep up to date with Higher Degree Research news and events, please like our Facebook page

Research Administration and Support

Research Services is responsible for all aspects of HDR candidature administration and for supporting higher degree research students and their supervisors. The various policies, procedures and forms and other information that relates to HDR candidature are available through Research Services.

Research Services is located on the top floor of the T.C. Lamble Building. You can visit the office, or you can contact us via AskUNE or (02) 6773 3715. Our goal is to provide a quality service to all research students and staff whilst working to maintain the high standards and international reputation of research and research training at UNE. Please feel free to contact this office if you have any queries or concerns about your candidature.

ID Cards

Student ID cards are issued by UNE Safety & Security. If you haven’t already done so, you can apply for a Student ID Card online.

Internet and Email

All HDR candidates are given access to Information Technology services, including a UNE student email account. All correspondence from the University will be sent via your UNE student email account. Once you have registered your username and password you will be granted access within 24 hours.

Take careful note of the username issued to you together with your selected password. Students can seek IT assistance from the Library service desk, located on the ground floor of Dixson Library. You can register your UNE account and password online.

Respect. Now. Always

The University of New England firmly upholds the right of all our members to be treated fairly, with respect and free from threatening or inappropriate behaviour — including sexual assault, sexual or other harassment, acts or threats of violence, intimidation or discrimination — and to work, study and live in a safe and caring environment.

Many resources exist to help our members. We provide support and guidance to all UNE community members concerned about threatening or inappropriate behaviour.

We are committed to providing a respectful, safe and secure learning, living and working environment.

Safety and respect is central to UNE’s culture.

It starts with Respect for everyone, right Now, and Always.

If you or someone you know are feeling unsafe or unsure what to do about threatening, uncomfortable or unwanted behaviour, you can talk to us about what is happening, how you feel, and what we can do together.

When you contact UNE, you are in control.

When you contact UNE, we:

  • Put your safety first
  • Listen to you
  • Offer you support
  • Ask you what you think will help you
  • Explain and explore your options
  • Explain what we have to do to make sure our community is safe, and why
  • Talk to you anonymously if you wish – you don't have to tell us your name.

More information and a list of emergency contacts is available at Respect. Now. Always