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Date: 21 Mar

Empowering troubled youths through inclusive education

Education, Inclusive education

Published date: 21/03/2019

Dr Ingrid Harrington, senior lecturer in UNE Inclusive Education, has always had a heart for social justice. She once dreamed of putting this into practice in law, but instead found...

Date: 06 Mar

Meet our people: Dr Frances Alter, Senior Lecturer, Creative and Performing Arts Education

Education, art

Published date: 06/03/2019

Dr Frances Alter, senior lecturer in creative and performing arts education at UNE, has used “everything from cooking classes to puppet shows” to engage students – and that’s while teaching...

Date: 18 Feb

Boosting teacher training in Nauru


Published date: 18/02/2019

Ferrying students to class and back in monsoonal rains is not an unusual job for UNE education lecturers teaching students in Nauru. But it’s one of the ways having a...

Date: 12 Feb

More schools join UNE’s Asia ConneXions program


Published date: 12/02/2019

More Australian primary and secondary schools will be able to connect straight into the classroom of a South Korean partner school with an expansion of UNE’s Asia ConneXions program. The...

Date: 13 Dec

Standing strong: How literacy is changing things for the women of Toomelah

Education, education research, Indigenous education

Published date: 13/12/2018

That’s part of what women should be, is stand up and be heard and fight for what we believe in.”  – Literacy for Life campaign participant, Toomelah. New literacy skills...

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