Learning and Teaching

Build your knowledge understandings and skills of how to facilitate student learning

Learning to become a well-informed, scholar teacher is a career-long enterprise. Join us as you start your journey, to develop a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of effective teaching and learning. We provide units at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for students studying on and off campus. A friendly approachable staff of experienced teachers, we strive to model the research-informed approaches we would like to see in schools both in our face-to-face and online teaching. Our units of study explicitly prepare you with knowledge and skills to teach the Australian Curriculum.

Our learning and teaching units will help you to:

  • understand how learners learn and how to facilitate their learning
  • explore a range of learning theories
  • understand the best research-informed teaching strategies and how to apply them
  • meet the needs of a diverse range of learners
  • understand that learners progress at different rates and how to differentiate the curriculum accordingly
  • identify and cater for the specific learning needs of highly able students including underachievers
  • plan for quality learning and teaching
  • build upon your previous knowledge and experiences to improve your scholarship
  • plan and implement robust formative and summative assessment practices
  • apply cutting-edge technologies to facilitate learning and teaching
  • utilise feedback as an effective instructional strategy
  • take responsibility to become the best teacher you can be
  • prepare you to work in diverse contexts – urban, rural and remote
  • and to teach within a range of circumstances – permanent, temporary and casual teaching

Our Units of Study

Learning and Teaching units of study (EDLT prefix) are offered in undergraduate and postgraduate awards.


Learners and Learning


Learners and Teaching


Evidence Based Learning and Teaching 1


Planning and Assessment for Learning


Planning and Assessment for Learning: PrEx 20 days


Evidence Based Learning and Teaching 2


Planning for Effective Learning: PrEx 15 days


Planning for Effective Learning: PrEx 20 days


Differentiation for Talent Development


Talent Development in Mixed-ability Classes


Rural and Urban Mixed-grade Teaching


Advanced Learning Theory 1


Planning for Effective Learning


The Graduate Teacher


Planning for Effective Learning


Creative Thinking and Problem Solving


Education of the Gifted and Talented


Social and Cultural Aspects of Giftedness and Talent


Issues in Talent Development


Internet Learning for Gifted and Talented Children

Our courses

Master of Education
Master of Teaching (Primary)

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Master of Training and Development

Graduate Certificate in Education Studies

Team members

Jeanette Berman
Elisabeth Betlem
Jennifer Charteris
Linley Cornish
Ingrid Harrington
Marguerite Jones
Charles Kivunja
Huy Phan