Research Impact: More than just a journal citation

A School of Education seminar presented on November 22nd, 2017 by Eleanor Colla, Research Services Librarian

In this session the University Library will discuss the growing requirements to show research impact, provide suggestions on how and where to find it, and ways of incorporating a narrative and evidence of impact into your grant applications and promotions.

This seminar presentation looks at the following:

1. What can research impact be?

2. Where to find research impact: journal and book (chapter) citations, collaboration with other researchers and industry, conferences, sitting on boards, research being used in government papers, research framework being implemented in research and/or industry, you/ your research being discussed in the public discourse (radio, TV, newspaper, podcasts, interviews), research being used by industry (textbooks, inventions (patents))

3. How to use research impact: narratives, metrics, cite, keep evidence