Equity and Diversity

Equity and Diversity Research Network

Contact: Associate Professor Keita Takayama Network Leader.  Dr Adele Nye, Network Co-Leader.

Comparative and International Education Research Network

The Comparative and International Education research is a vibrant group of academic staff and HDR students with diverse academic interest but what binds us together is to look at education from a global perspective. Drawing on different theoretical perspectives, including Marxism, postcolonial theory, Southern Theory, post-humanism, post-critical education research and feminist post-structuralism, we all try to make sense of the implications of globalizations (both from above and below) to education practice, policy and theory both within Australia and abroad.

Contact: Associate Professor Keita Takayama

Indigenous Education research

The Indigenous Education research seeks to align its research agenda to reflect Aboriginal-determined priorities by working in partnership with the Oorala Centre and an Aboriginal Advisory Group.

Contact: Associate Professor Bob Boughton

Rural and Remote Education research

The Rural and Remote Education research is a multidisciplinary group of scholars in the School of Education who are focused on researching issues in and around transitions of teachers as they move from University to Teaching in rural settings or from metropolitan schools to rural schools. The challenges and opportunities afforded teachers in rural schools has been a focus of the research conducted by members of the Rural and Remote Education Network.