eLearning, ePedagogies and Innovation

eLearning, ePedagogy and Innovation Research Network Group

The eLearning, ePedagogy and Innovation Research Network is a diverse group with members coming from most educational discipline areas. We believe that learning and pedagogy are the integral to excellent teaching and learning and the incorporation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) can enhance this.

Dr Sue Gregory Network Leader
Dr Jennifer Charteris Network Co-Leader

Efficacy of Social Media Technologies in Pedagogy

This subgroup investigated the use of social media technology, Google Discussion Circles in pedagogy. It aims to understand the efficacy of different social media technologies in facilitating learning, teaching and assessment.

Contact: Associate Professor Charles Kivunja

elearning and ePedagogies

This subgroup scopes first year students’ perceptions of their initial experience in online teacher education and academic perceptions of first year pedagogy.

Contact: Dr Jennifer Charteris


This subgroup has several projects. The first was funded by an OLT grant where the researchers created a website of resources for pre-service and in-service teachers. See http://pstonline.info/ for more information. Another project explores the use of Snapchat in schools, funded by a UNE Seed Grant. For more information, please contact either of the following researchers (who can put you in contact with the appropriate researcher):

Contact: Associate Professor Sue Gregory (PST Online or Snapchat) or Dr Jennifer Charteris (Snapchat)

Literacy and Digital Storytelling

This subgroup aims to improve literacy among struggling readers and writers in primary school and encourage teachers to improve, create, assess, document and retain digital content. The project supports and enhances the use of digital media in assessing literacy content including reading and viewing, writing and composing, speaking and listening.

Contact: Dr Mutuota Kigotho

Mentoring the Mentors

The eMentoring subgroup have been liaising with schools and Department of Education and Communities (DEC) in relation to creating and presenting Professional Development resources for school teachers on how to mentor students when on professional experience. Resources and training have been developed for teachers and pre-service teachers.

Contact: Dr Elisabeth Betlem

Practices and Politics of eLearning

The Practices and Politics of eLearning (formally Formative Assessment) subgroup have been collecting data provided through student feedback in an online unit via audio as well as text.

Contact: Dr Mitchell Parkes

Principal and teacher perceptions of youth social media and networked affect in Australian schools

This subgroup explores teacher and principal perceptions of social media and youth activism in Australian schools.

Contact: Dr Jennifer Charteris or Associate Professor Sue Gregory

Technologies in Early Childhood Settings

This subgroup develops innovative online support materials to directly increase the confidence and capacity of early childhood teachers to integrate digital technologies into the early childhood curriculum. The online support materials include video, podcasts, downloadable readings, fact-sheets and digital-play exemplars.

Contact: Marg Rogers
Contact: Jo Bird


This subgroup follows on from previous TPACK research in the School of Education in 2011, exploring ICT expertise in the School of Education and ways of increasing academics’ knowledge of ICT.

Contact: Dr Nadya Rizk