— in Languages, Literacy, Literacies

University of New England educational researchers have strengths in infants, primary and secondary English and literacy research, including the specialised literacy requirements in curriculum areas other than English. Our collective research expertise covers the development of multimodal literacies and the teaching of the English curriculum across the years of schooling.

Research foci

Current projects focus on:

  • systemic functional semiotics
  • 'Good enough' grammatics
  • appraisal theory
  • children's blogs
  • online reading of multimodal texts
  • cross-curriculum literacies
  • knowledge about language
  • disciplinary knowledge
  • technology integration in languages teaching
  • learning and identity in communities of practice
  • metacognition and critical literacy
  • the use of grammar as a resource for developing students' writing and text comprehension
  • writing development in senior secondary school English classrooms
  • curriculum literacies in subject areas ranging from science to legal studies, with a special focus on topics such as visual literacy and the role of images in different kinds of text comprehension and composition
  • children's literature and e-literature for children and adolescents
  • multimedia authoring pedagogy for primary and middle school students
  • popular culture, computers and early literacy learning
  • Montessori education and literacy
  • reading multimodal texts in web-based environments and children's online literacy practices outside of schooling.

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