Postgraduate study

LLL (Language, Literature and Literacy) aims to promote English and multiliteracies education through offering postgraduate coursework and research opportunities.

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Higher Degree Research

The School of Education offers a range of postgraduate research degree options.  
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Master of Education (Research)

Doctor of Education

Doctor of Philosophy

See brief descriptions of our current postgraduate research projects on our research page. For potential research supervisors, please visit the School of Education staff pages or Find an Expert.

Postgraduate coursework

Master of Education (Literature & New Literacies)

This course offers prospective students the opportunity to access cutting edge research in the area of multiliteracies education.  The teaching team includes internationally recognised experts in the fields of multiliteracies education, technology and literacy, primary and secondary school English curriculum, functional grammar and discourse, visual literacy, children's literature and multimedia communication. The course will bring together units of study crucial to understanding the place of new literacies in primary and secondary education.

In the context of the National English Curriculum, with its emphasis on language, literature and literacy, the course will provide the opportunity for teachers to upgrade their skills and professional qualifications especially in regard to knowledge about language, grammar K-12 and multimodal communication. This course will afford opportunities for local, national and international research networks to be developed and offer a range of research pathways for students in areas such as grammar and multiliteracies.

The School of Education at UNE was a key partner in the Australian Government Summer School for Teachers of Literacy and Numeracy contributing to the development and delivery of training modules. Evaluations received from participants in the New Literacies: New Practices Module presented by UNE staff revealed a high demand for courses that addressed new literacies and language teaching using digital technologies.

Link to the course and unit catalogue for further information about the Master of Education (Literature and New Literacies) program of study and unit information.