Books published before 2014

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Valeria Varea and Eduardo Galak (eds)
Body and Physical Education. Latin American perspectives to think body education
Publisher: Editorial Biblos 2013
ISBN: 9789876911580

This book explores theoretical knowledge and tools to (re)think the field of Physical Education and the socio-historic constructions of the body. Twelve chapters written by internationally well-recognised academics from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia composed this book, which is organised in three parts. The first part includes texts which explore historic processes that influence current links between society, education and bodies. The second part contains chapters which aim to understand the relationship between Physical Education and the body, through epistemological and methodological resources. Finally, the third part groups together texts that explore new paths for the relation between the body and Physical Education.

Judith Miller publication-health and physical education

Deborah Callcott, Judith Miller and Susan Wilson-Gahan
2nd edition, 3rd edition forthcoming
Health and Physical Education: Preparing educators for the future
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2012

'This well-structured and engaging text considers the role of health and physical education within the wider educational experience, and provides a comprehensive overview of the skills and theory required to teach health and physical education in Australian schools. Health and Physical Education is based on current research literature and is enhanced by a range of valuable teaching resources - including further reading, end-of-chapter questions and case studies - intended to extend and develop students’.  The Second Edition has a greater emphasis on Early Childhood, multiculturalism and the authors have amplified their concerns for social justice through cultural diversity among students.
Foreword by Professor David Kirk

Sims & Hutchins book

Margaret Sims and Teresa Hutchins
Programme planning for infants and toddlers. In search of relationships (2nd ed.)
Publisher: Pademelon Press 2011

Program Planning for Infants and Toddlers: In Search of Relationshipsis designed as a resource for students and caregivers of infants and toddlers in group settings. It supports the curricula of both

Sims: The Early Years Learning Framework and Social Inclusion: a way of working for all image

Margaret Sims
The Early Years Learning Framework and Social Inclusion: a way of working for all.
Publisher: Pademelon Press 2011

This book aims to walk you through a way of working that honours the principles of the EYLF and it doesn’t matter if you are working with a child who is identified as having additional needs or a child who is not identified in that way.

Brettig Sims book

Karl Brettig and Margaret Sims (eds)
Building Integrated Connections for Children, their Families and Communities.
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. 2011

Research and practice shows that many vulnerable children and families face more than one challenge and require more than one intervention.

Reading publication

Carmen Batanero, Gail Burrill, Chris Reading (Eds)
Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics—Challenges for teaching and learning
A Joint ICMI/IASE Study: The 18th ICMI Study Series: New ICMI Study Series, Vol. 14 
Springer 2011
ISBN 978-94-007-1130-3

'This book presents the results from the Joint ICMI/IASE Study, Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics. Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education that was  intended to address the lack of attention  to teaching statistics by promoting international collaborative  research specifically focussed on the education and professional development of teachers to teach statistics.The volume covers a very wide field, including examples of statistics curricula and teacher education programmes around the world; analysis of the fundamentals to teaching statistics;  survey chapters of research related to teachers' attitudes, beliefs and knowledge related to fundamental statistics ideas and its teaching; and analyses of challenges and experiences related to training teachers to teach statistics.' Springer

Evironmental Educaiton in Context book cover

Neil Taylor, Mike Littledyke,
Chris Eames & Richard K. Coll (Eds)
Environmental Education in Context: an international perspective on the development of environmental education

Sense Publishers 2010

'This book presents an international perspective on environmental educational and specifically the influence that context has on this aspect of curriculum. The focus is on environmental education both formal and non formal and the factors that impact upon its effectiveness, particularly in non-Western and non-English-speaking contexts (i.e., outside the UK, USA, Australia, NZ, etc.). An important feature of the book is that it draws upon the experiences and research from local experts from an extremely diverse cohort across the world (25 countries and 2 regions in total).' Amazon

Susan Feez montessori publication

Susan Feez

Montessori and Early Childhood
Sage: London, 2010

'Early childhood education across the world has been influenced by the pioneering work of Maria Montessori, and this book provides a complete overview of Montessori pedagogy and practice. It considers the Montessori approach within the context of early childhood education and care, and examines it in the light of new insights from the fields of neuroscience and child development.' Sage

Mike Littledyke publication

Mike Littledyke, Neil Taylor & Chris Eames

Education for Sustainability in Primary Education: a guide for teachers
Palgrave Macmilliam, 2009

'As young children will become the next generation of adults, it is vital that they are educated about sustainability issues, so they can be critically aware of the problems our society faces and take positive action to help preserve their future in a rapidly changing world. While teachers are generally concerned about sustainability issues, perceived constraints of current curriculum priorities commonly inhibit Education for Sustainability from being developed in many classrooms.' Booktopia

Neil Taylor Science Education book

Richard K. Coll & Neil Taylor

Science Education in Context: An International Examination of the Influence of Context on Science Curricula Development and Implementations

Sense Publishers, 2009

'This book presents an international perspective of the influence of educational context on science education.  The focus is on the interactions between curriculum development and implementation, particularly in non-Western and non-English-speaking contexts (i.e., outside the UK, USA, Australia, NZ, etc.).  An important and distinguishing feature of the book is that it draws upon the experiences and research from local experts from an extremely diverse cohort across the world (26 countries in total).' Amazon

John Geake publication

John G. Geake
The Brain at School: Educational neuroscience in the classroom
Open University Press, 2009

'The book explores common 'brain based' learning schemes and exposes the misunderstandings on which these are often based. The author, both an experienced teacher and cognitive neuroscientist, offers teachers advice on how neuroscience can help them in their own teaching. Each chapter includes practical classroom examples and case studies based on real life teaching experiences.' Amazon

Cornish book

Linley Cornish and John Garner
Promoting Student Learning
(2nd edition)
Pearson Education Australia, 2009

'The authors advocate an approach to teaching that is based on 'the teacher as reflective practitioner' and to learning that is based on constructivism and metacognition. A reflective practitioner will experiment with a range of strategies and evaluate them for their effectiveness in terms of student learning. Thus the book contains both a summary of some current ideas about learning and a description of many student-centred, active-learning strategies that can be used to supplement didactic teaching in today's diverse classrooms. Specific teaching strategies explored include planning, questioning, explaining and assessing.' Pearson

Terry Lyons - Choosing Science book

Terry Lyons and Frances Quinn
Choosing Science: Understanding the declines in senior high school science enrolments

Australian Science Teachers Association, The Australian Government
SiMERR, UNE, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-921597-19-0

'The last two decades have seen significant declines in the proportions of high school students choosing senior physics, chemistry or biology courses in Australia. Concern has been expressed in many quarters about the implications of these declines for the supply of future scientists, the quality of the scientific endeavour in Australia and the levels of scientific literacy of its citizens. The Choosing Science study represents a large-scale national attempt to understand factors influencing Year 10 students' decisions about taking science subjects in Year 11.' Curriculum Leadership Journal

External Exam Systems - Taylor

Neil Taylor and Barend Vlaardeingarbroek (Eds)
External Examination Systems: Reliability, Robustness and Resilience

Cambria Press, 2009

'This edited volume brings together the experiences of twenty examination systems from around the world to show how these dynamic entities have adapted over time to the changing context of schooling.' Cambria