Research and Consultancies

1. BMAP (1992 – 2008)

The Bhutan Multigrade Attachment Program was held for six weeks each year providing teacher training, both on campus and in regional New South Wales schools, for Bhutanese teachers. The Program was funded by UNICEF and the World Bank amongst others, and has proven to be extremely successful.  View the report (PDF, 4048.56 KB).

2. INSET (1997 – 1999)

This project was commissioned by the Division of Education within the Second Education Project that was funded through the World Bank and the Swiss Development Corporation. It began in 1997 and was completed in 1999. David Laird was the Director, Tom Maxwell was Project Officer and Bhutan's Wangpo Tenzin was on staff. Sangay Gyamtsho began the project but left to undertake studies in Canada. The approach taken was to link in-service with educational change.

The questions addressed in the research phase of the Project were:

  1. What are the current INSET practices?
  2. What has been the impact of INSET?
  3. How might INSET be improved?

A key feature of the project was the first-time gathering and analysis of data about INSET in Bhutan from teachers and other stakeholders.

A master plan was developed contained in 18 recommendations. Broadly, the Report (pdf) was well received and subsequently printed and sent to each school and teacher education College in Bhutan. This Report was a key source for the 2010 request for proposals on the development of a comprehensive INSET Master Planand Delivery Strategies.


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