Specific Requirements

This is a 10 day block placement in a secondary school setting where the pre-service teacher will be assessed against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The pre-service teacher will work towards being responsible for a minimum of two hours* of teaching in Week One and five hours* of teaching in Week Two** in their curriculum area(s) of study.

*Depending upon timetables of the school, the pre-service teacher may have to adjust this to accommodate.

**As this is the first placement, this face-to-face teaching time may vary according to the ability of the pre-service teacher and the supervising teacher's judgement.

PREX150 Specific Requirements

Placements that can be accepted

  • Mainstream secondary school classrooms in the pre-service teacher's curriculum area(s) of study

A Placement in a Distance Education setting may be acceptable in PREX150 as long as it meets the requirements of the pre-service teacher's curriculum methods of study. Acceptability will need to be assessed by the Office for Professional Learning.

Placements that cannot be accepted

  • Placement in a primary school classroom
  • Placement solely in an area not being studied by the pre-service teacher
  • Work in a tutoring agency
  • Work as an au pair
  • Employment as a governess (or equivalent position)
  • Employment as teacher's aide (or equivalent position such as a Learning Support Officer)
  • Special Education settings