Terms of reference

  • Using the University's EEO plan and related documents develop a School equity plan concerning staff and student equity issues
  • Advise the School on the implementation of the relevant University equity policies
  • Consider equity issues brought to it from the School's staff and students
  • Consult as appropriate with relevant stakeholders and interested parties on any matter before the Committee
  • Consult with the Faculty staff equity representative to ensure matters concerning staff equity are brought to the U.N.E.  Staff Equity Advisory Group (SEAG)
  • Ensure any student equity issues are communicated to the Student Equity Network
  • Develop initiatives in the area for all staff and students in the School
  • Seek representation on School committees and working parties as appropriate

Reports to:

  • Head of School


Membership of the School Equity Committee shall include the following:

  • At least one staff member from each discipline team
  • At lease one administrative/technical staff (nominated by the administrative/technical staff of the School)
  • At least one postgraduate student representative
  • At least one undergraduate student representative
  • NDCO Officer


The Committee can co-opt where needed any additional members required to achieve or maintain appropriate gender representations.  The committee may invite individuals to provide additional appropriate expertise as necessary.

Term of Office:

Members will hold office for a two-year period and may continue to serve unless another member of their team is nominated for the position.

Frequency of meetings:

The Committee will meet at least once a trimester.