Research Interests

University of New England Cultural and Creative Arts Network

Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris's research interests include American Literature, Australian Literature and, more recently, literature and the environment.  He is currently co-editing and writing for an interdisciplinary book on representations of water in Australian cultural history.  He is also writing on connection between music, sound and literature as an extension of his creative practice as a working musician.

Angie Kahler

Angie Kahler's research background is in Religious Studies and History. Angie is completing a family memoir that presents history in the form of a non-fiction novel.

Anne Pender

Anne Pender writes biographies of Australian actors and writers.  She is currently working on a collective biography of a group of Australian actors who work on stage, television and film.

Players - The Lives and Work of the Actors who Created the National Theatre of Australia

Anna Scheer

Anna Teresa Scheer's research focuses on the hybrid theatre practice of the later German all-round artist Christoph Schlingensief.  She is co-editor of a book on his work and has published several further book chapters on his projects.  Further research interests include contemporary and postdramatic European theatre, politically engaged performance and live art.

Rosemary Williamson

Rose Williamson conducts research on the ways in which Australians past and present define themselves in relation to the natural environment.  A present, she is examining parliamentary speeches (federal and state), press reports and magazine articles that depict Australians' responses to flood, cyclone and fire.