HDR Postgraduate FAQs

I'm interested in Higher Degree Research. What should I do first?

Read the information about our Higher Degree Research programs to find out which program best suits your needs and experience.

I do not fulfil the requirements for admission to a Higher Degree Research program. Do I have any other options?

We offer undergraduate, Honours and coursework Masters programs. These courses can provide a pathway to Higher Degree Research programs.

Now that I've decided on which course I want to take, how do I apply?

Please visit the How to Apply page for information about applying for your chosen course.

The information pages for both the Master of Philosophy and the Doctor of Philosophy detail the process of application, which includes first contacting a potential supervisor or the School's Postgraduate Coordinator.

What kind of project can I work on?

Admission is determined both on the quality of your application, and the relevance of your project area to the work, interests and skills of School staff, together with the availability of supervisors in your area. The School's Postgraduate Coordinator will be able to give you advice about the suitability
of your project.

What about cross- or multi-disciplinary projects?

Cross- and multi-disciplinary projects are possible, as long as suitable supervision teams can be established from within the University.

Can I undertake this study full-time and/or part-time?

These research programs of study are available both full-time and part-time.

Are these programs available to both internal and external students?

These research programs are available to both internal and external students. An on-campus residency (or equivalence) may be required for external students.

For more information, please contact the Arts Postgraduate Coordinator.