Sociology is the study of social groups, relations, practices and institutions. Sociologists examine issues such as changes in family life, social factors shaping health, life chances, social inequalities, lifestyle and consumption, social policy, urban life, and comparative societies and development.

We address questions about social groups and relations such as:

  • What impact are social media having on relationships?
  • Why do people love shopping?
  • What is a family these days?
  • Is there such a thing as 'normal' sex?
  • Why are some behaviours labelled mental illnesses and others not?

We also address questions concerning larger social structures and processes such as:

  • What are the social factors influencing health and illness?
  • Why do ethnic, class and gender inequalities persist even within affluent societies?
  • What impact is globalisation having on Australia and South East Asia?
  • Why is Australia one of the most urbanised - and suburbanised - countries in the world?

If you have ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, or simply find them interesting and relevant to your life, then come and study Sociology with us at UNE.

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