On-campus Delivery Guidelines

Teaching archeology in the fieldOn-campus delivery of our courses is an important dimension to the student experience for those who elect to study on our campus in Armidale.  While all our units have a Moodle presence, in their decision to offer courses in an on-campus mode, Schools recognise the importance of delivering complementary activities to support student learning on-campus.  We need to meet the expectations of those who elect to enrol on-campus to enjoy a rich on-campus learning experience.

While we recognise that what makes up a rich on-campus learning experience will vary across the disciplines, the year level, student characteristics and learning outcomes and timing of offerings, we believe it is important to recognise some key expectations.

A student nurse preparing a drip

  1. A meaningful on-campus experience should be shaped for all units approved for on-campus delivery.
  2. This should equate to timetabling at least 20 hours of face-to-face interaction with staff and students in the same physical location  over the trimester per unit.
  3. There can be flexibility in the mode of this on-campus experience – it need not be confined to 2–3 hours per week over the trimester, nor should it normally be done in a single block for those students enrolled in an on-campus mode.
  4. The form of the interaction should be driven by the learning outcomes and may include timetabled classes offered in different modes (weekly sessions, intensive blocks across the trimester … ) and formats (simulations, group activities, site-based learning, practicals).
  5. In considering how a unit may be best delivered, consultation with the relevant Course Coordinator(s) should occur to ensure there is coherence to the course experience for students.
  6. In shaping the on-campus experience, students will need to understand what is expected of them.  If in the design of the on-campus delivery, participation is important and necessary, students must be made aware of this from the outset.
  7. For special topics and research-based reading units, the on-campus arrangements will be negotiated between the student and the Unit Coordinator.

Our aim is to deliver a distinctive UNE experience.