Goals, Vision & Values

Student on the graduate walkTeaching and Learning Goal

UNE provides the highest quality learning experience for all students, through the delivery of relevant, future-oriented and quality-assured courses using a teaching and learning model that is built on flexibility, innovation and the creative use of educational technologies.

Teaching and Learning Vision

UNE provides its students with a transformative learning experience that is enabled by a high quality, innovative and flexible learning environment. UNE graduates are global citizens who have developed the skills and knowledge to participate successfully in the workforce and in society at large.  UNE staff members are supported to engage effectively with the student learning experience and are able to respond appropriately to the needs of a diverse student body.

Teaching and Learning Values

UNE is committed to the following values in all teaching and learning activities:

  • Formative – we use innovative teaching strategies to develop graduate attributes that equip students to be successful and socially responsible global citizens.
  • Respectful – the university community respects diversity which is foundational to our teaching and learning philosophy.
  • Inclusive – the academic environment is accessible to, and engaged with the communities we serve – whether they be local, regional, rural, remote, metropolitan or international.
  • Flexible – we promote a culture that is responsive to diverse staff and student needs and expectations.
  • Innovative – we are committed to the development and incorporation of pioneering teaching and learning approaches.