Financial Acquittal

Organisation: University of New England

Postal Address: Armidale NSW

Contact Person: Lyndel Taylor

Financial Acquittal

This financial acquittal proforma is designed to acquit all ISP Funds provided in 2014, including all interest or royalties/income derived from ISP Funds during 2014. 



1: Indigenous Support Program (ISP)X

For each Attachment:

  • Part A seeks information on the GST component of funding provided to you under that element, if applicable.
    • If GST is paid to you, the amount of GST funding which is included in each payment is set out in a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) issued to you at the time of the payment.  You must state whether these amounts have been remitted to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or committed for payment to the ATO.
    • If GST is not paid to you, do not complete Part A.
  • Part B seeks information about the funding received and expenditure and commitments, exclusive of any GST.  Do not include the GST component of any expenditure in this part.