UNE Strategies to address Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student participation

As detailed in 1.3, participation by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in higher education, is one of UNE’s strategic priorities stated in the Compact and other key documents. UNE’s Research Plan 2012-2015 emphasises pathways and academic support programs as strategies to address participation in higher degree programs. The Regional Aboriginal Higher Education Strategy (RAHES) also prioritises Community Engagement principles as key to meeting strategic goals in participation and other educational outcomes. Specifically the RAHES expresses a commitment to building and maintaining relationships with regional Aboriginal communities and providing a culturally safe environment for Aboriginal students and staff.

The services, facilities and engagement activities through Oorala Aboriginal Centre are pivotal in UNE’s participation strategies, as well as the academic programs through UNE Schools which consistently attract strong continuing enrolments from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Since 2010 there has been a 52.5% increase in continuing enrolments in UNE’s undergraduate and postgraduate awards.