Unit and Teaching Evaluation Surveys


Unit and teaching evaluations are conducted using  Evasys, a dedicated survey software from Electric Paper. Almost all surveys are now conducted online with the exception of evaluation of intensive schools. Intensive Schools are still conducted as paper-based surveys due to some intensive schools being non-mandatory and as a result not all enrolled students attend. By conducting these surveys on paper we can ensure that only attendees of the school are invited to participate.

Evaluation Process and Questionnaires

The evaluation process is student-centric, with students automatically invited to provide their feedback on each unit each time it is delivered using the following two sets of questions:

Unit Evaluation

1.1 - The learning outcomes of this unit were made clear to me
1.2 - The unit enabled me to achieve the learning outcomes
1.3 - The unit was intellectually stimulating
1.4 - I found the resources provided for the unit (eg online, print) to be helpful
1.5 - I received constructive feedback on my work
1.6 - The feedback I received was provided in time to help me improve
1.7 - The overall amount of work required of me for this unit was appropriate
1.8 - Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of this unit

1.9   - What were the best aspects of this unit?
1.10 - What aspects of the unit are most in need of improvement?

Results are analysed and reported through "unit monitoring" each trimester.

Teaching Evaluation

Student Evaluations of Teaching are an optional evaluation for unit coordinators, lecturers, tutors and other teaching staff and may be conducted on request in addition to the unit evaluation. Teaching staff will be notified when unit and teaching evaluations are being prepared and will be invited to request a teaching evaluation during the survey preparation period. If this optional survey is requested, students will be invited to provide their feedback on the quality of teaching using the following two sets of questions.

2.1 - The lecturer(s) demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject area
2.2 - The lecturer(s) provided clear and appropriate answers to student questions
2.3 - The lecturer(s) treated all students fairly and equally
2.4 - The lecturer(s) encouraged participation and/or questions
2.5 - The lecturer(s) made effective use of teaching aids and media where appropriate
2.6 - The lecturer(s) were available for consultation and individual help where needed
2.7 - Overall, the lecturer(s) were effective in facilitating my learning
2.8 - I would recommend that other students take a unit taught by the lecturer(s)

2.9   - Indicate the major strengths of the lecturer(s) that you have seen or experienced this semester
2.10 - Indicate any areas for improvement that you feel the lecturer(s) could work on developing into strengths

Results of all questions are made available to the unit coordinator/lecturer concerned. If a complaint is received regarding the teaching of a unit relevant evaluation information will be made available to the HOS, PDVC, PVCAI and PVC/Dean.

The Evaluation Officer, Academic Quality, evaluation@une.edu.au