Cover Letters

A Cover Letter is an important document and should go together with your resume for any position you apply for. It should express your interest in the position you're applying for, and outline a summary of your qualifications, relevant experience and main positive qualities as an employee. It is important your cover letter is designed to fit each job or opportunity you apply for.

A Cover Letter should allow you to introduce yourself within one (1) page, with the aim of sparking the interest of a potential employer. It is a good way of providing a summary of your skills and experience, and why you would be suited to a position. Within the letter, you may be able to provide real-life examples to briefly outline your skills and previous experience.

Tips for Cover Letters:

  • Include the name and postion of the person who will receive your application (if possible). Address the letter to a particular person, eg. "Mr J Smith" or "Ms L Smith"
  • Spell check the document before providing it to a prospective employer
  • Style should be consistent (font type and size)
  • It is a good idea to have a template cover letter, which you can then tailor and update for each role you apply for.