Committee Papers

Academic Quality supports the UNE Senior Executive and members of the UNE’s governance committees by providing data, analysis and reporting to support strategic decision-making in relation to academic delivery.

Unit Monitoring

Unit Monitoring is a key component of the Academic Quality Management Policy, which requires the monitoring, evaluation and review of undergraduate and postgraduate units delivered at UNE.

Unit monitoring includes a regular cycle of data collection, analysis and evaluation to monitor and respond to unit outcomes, against a set of performance indicators, each time a unit is offered at UNE.

Unit Monitoring reports are issued at the end of each trimester as well as annually:
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Progress and Success

The key driver behind UNE investigating, analysing and reporting on the progress and success of students is to comply with the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF), which obliges UNE to ensure that it is satisfied that all students are given the best chance to succeed at UNE, regardless of their background or mode of study.

The progress and success of UNE domestic commencing bachelor pass and domestic commencing masters by coursework students annual reports are analysed and reported on annually:
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Student Surveys

National student and graduate survey outcomes are managed by the Department of Education’s Quality Indicators for Teaching and Learning (QILT) initiative, via surveys such as the Student Experience Survey, the Graduate Outcomes Survey and the Employer Satisfaction Survey. The outcomes from these surveys provide the UNE with a rich source of information to support academic quality management and improvement activities.

The results of these surveys are analysed and reported on in several reports throughout each year:
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