Space Planning & Systems

AutoCad LayeringThe FMS Space Planning & Systems Group is responsible for the planning, development, management and ongoing maintenance of a number of information systems utilised by the Directorate.  The group supports the divisions of FMS Operations, FMS Capital Development, FMS Finance & Administration and Campus Services in addition to the wider UNE community.  We work with both consultants and in-house staff and liaise with relevant external agencies when required.  Our goal is to provide timely and up to date relevant information to the appropriate personnel; locally to FMS and globally to the UNE community.  We believe the information we supply and maintain provides a consistent means to facilitate sound business decisions with regards to the efficient management of the UNE built environment and its associated infrastructure.  This affords consistent alignment with the strategic direction of UNE by supporting the attainment of an enhanced campus experience for all students and staff.

AutoCad ModulesThe principal information system used is Archibus/FM® and its primary application is in the administration of Space Management, Building Operations and Project Information Management (PIMS). Archibus/FM® has been in use since 2005 and has been integrated with both Finance 1® and Allesco®.

The FMS Space Planning & Systems Group also utilise Autodesk® based software such as AutoCAD® and Revit® to perform the following tasks:

  • Document minor building refurbishments in either 2D/3D
  • Update electronic building floor plans
  • Produce a variety of campus maps
  • Document above and below ground building services