Our Staff

FMS currently employ approximately 57 staff in the following areas:


Jo Scanlan - Director

Capital Development

Adam Litherland - Project Development Manager

Brad Nixon -  Project Development Manager

Chris Petrov - Project Development Manager

Craig Dussart - Project Manager

James Croft - Project Manager

Adam Webb - Project Manager

Debbie Bridge - Project Coordinator

Larissa Bittencourt - Project Coordinator

Michelle Campione-van Zetten - Project Coordinator

Sebastian Coleman - Project Administrator

Lilian Colmanetti - Project Administrator

Natalie Poulton - Project Administrator


David Snell - Administration Assistant

Jason Peak - Engineering Services Manager

Shane Pillar - Carpentry and Plumbing Coordinator

Bede Davies - Grounds and Gardens Coordinator

George Magann - Precinct Coordinator (Residential)

Garry Johnson - Carpentry Supervisor

Geoff Roach - Plumbing Supervisor

Steve Howard - Electrical Supervisor

Ralph Vaughan - Mechanical Supervisor

Michael Edmonds - Refrigeration Supervisor

Mathew Scully - Mechanical Services

Matthew Simpson - Grounds Leading Hand

Michael Howard - Carpenter

Gary Daly - Carpenter

Chris Sillitoe - Carpenter

Steve Offner - Plumber

Jo Halaapiapi - Plumber

Rob Barnett - Plumber

Greg Dawson - Electrician

Darren Shanahan - Electrician

Beau Mavin - Refrigeration

Nathan Broomhall - Grounds person

Graham Haynes - Grounds Person

Graeme Frost - Grounds Person

Andrew Fuller - Grounds Person

Stephen Gordon - Grounds person

Service & Administration

Greg Smith - Finance and Administration Manager

Amanda Williams - Administrative Assistant

Sandy McDiarmid - Administrative Assistant

Amanda Watson - Administrative Assistant

Mark Creagan - Governance & Compliance Coordinator

Campus Services

Patrick Crick - Campus Services Manager

Rochelle Slade - Cleaning Coordinator

Suzannah Mitchell - Environmental & Sustainability Manager

Vehicle and Mechanical Services

Ranae Heydon- Fleet Manager

Brad Lawson - Senior Mechanical Technician

Ian Michie - Senior Mechanical Technician

Shannon Hamilton - Administrative Assistant

Central Logistics

Glenn Motley - Central Logistics Supervisor

David Cameron - Dispatch Driver

Peter Stier - Mail Room Assistant

Jason Dell - Stores Assistant

Space Planning and Systems:

Cameron Marshall - FMS Space Planning and Systems Manager

Jeff Kemp - Project Manager CAD & GIS

Gary Ible - Space Management and CAD Officer