FMS Operations

The Facilities Management Operations Department is responsible for the day to day maintenance and strategic management of UNE's built assets. Operations staff provide a technical advisory service to the University's Capital Development Department and the University at large.

Maintenance Services

The Operations Department of Facilities Management Services directorate provides the following services:

The routine and strategic repair and maintenance of all UNE infrastructure — buildings, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services, heating, ventilating and cooling services, underground services, roads and carparks, grounds and gardens etc — by FMS workshop staff and external contractors.

Management of the UNE's mandatory reporting obligations with respect to the use of specific systems, and equipment — lifts and elevators, fume cupboards, Legionella reporting, exit and emergency lighting, electrical safety devices, hydraulic safety devices, pressure vessels etc.

Management of the UNE's utility usage, and implementation of strategies to reduce it.

Management of the University's responsibilities surrounding asbestos containing materials.

Provision of a technical advisory service to the FMS Capital Development Department and the University in general.

Our operations


Our carpenters are responsible for:

  • Repairs to doors and windows
  • Cut keys and lock repairs
  • Repair all locks and door closers
  • Install pin boards and white boards
  • Repair broken glass
  • Fly screen repairs
  • Wall repairs
  • Room alterations
  • Concreting
  • External building repairs
  • Building and door signage
  • Minor office furniture repairs
  • Repairs and construction office partitions/ workstations
  • Installation of book shelves
  • Internal and external painting

    Door Signs

    When ordering door signs please ensure that the following information is provided as part of the request to ensure that there are no hold ups with the production or deliver of the sign.

  • The room number
  • The title of the person
  • The correct spelling of the persons name
  • The GL cost code

    To order a door sign either email the above details to the FMS Help Desk at or login to Archibus & order the sign direct. Door signs can not be ordered over the phone.


Electrical Services are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the campus buildings' lifts, lighting systems, path lighting, power supply systems and all electrical equipment.

If you are experiencing problems with a faulty light or power point or switch, circuit breaker tripping, leaking zip mini boilers, then our electrical services will repair the problem.

Grounds and Gardens

The Grounds and Gardens Service is responsible for:

  • Turf maintenance: mowing, trimming, fertilising, watering, etc.
  • Tree and shrubbery maintenance: planting, watering, pruning, fertilising, etc.
  • Landscaping around existing buildings
  • Athletic field preparation and maintenance
  • Maintenance and restoration of heritage curtilages
  • Minor road and parking lot repairs
  • Native bushland regeneration.

Mechanical Services are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the campus buildings' heating, ventilation systems and provides welding and general mechanical repairs.

If you are experiencing a problem with the heating in your room or a noisy fan then Mechanical Services will repair the problem.


Our plumbers provide a maintenance and fixing service to the following:

  • Dripping taps / sink repairs
  • Roof leaks
  • Leaking toilets
  • Blocked gutters and downpipe repairs
  • Blocked sewer and stormwater pits
  • Leaking water mains and external pipes
  • Gas smells and gas heater repairs
  • Domestic hot water repairs
  • Repairs and service to thermostatic mixing valves
  • Repairs and service to back flow prevention devices
  • Grease traps and dilution sumps (laboratory).

Our refrigeration service is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the campus:

  • refrigeration systems
  • chiller plant,
  • air conditioning (cooling)
  • freezer and cool rooms and general repairs of the same.
Site Induction and Training

These include but are not limited to:

  • Working at heights
  • Confined space entry
  • Tree felling
  • Excavation
  • Construction work
  • Maintenance work

Contractors must also have the appropriate safety equipment for the work with them on the job eg: body harnesses suitable for the task, ladder tie-offs, gas detection equipment etc.

Please note it is a current requirement that all contractor inductions are updated each 12 months. If this is not done you may find access on your contractor card will expire.

Contractor inductions

  • All building trade or maintenance contractors working on University sites must hold a current General Safety Induction for Construction [Blue/White Card], as a minimum.
  • University personnel, who are authorised to bring contractors on site, are responsible for providing local site induction and information regarding risks and expected preventative measures.

It is the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure that all of their own staff or subcontractors, who are likely to work on our sites, are made aware of University procedures and standards, before they begin work. This information is found in the Contractors and trade staff online induction

To gain access to this on line Site Induction & Training you will need to use the following User Name & Password to access the course.

  • User Name: une
  • Password: contractor
Reporting Maintenance

To report a maintenance issue phone the FMS Help desk on 6773 2065 or if you have access to the ARCHIBUS web portal (or know someone in your area that does) you or they can log in & report the issue on-line.

If you wish to become an authorised person with a username & password access to report maintenance directly into Archibus, you need to email the FMS Help Desk at Your request will be assessed by the Finance & Administration manager & if approved you will be issued with log in details & training will be organised for you.

Otherwise to report a maintenance issue please either call or email the Help Desk on:

FMS Help Desk                        Phone 6773 2065 or Email

Archibus Web Portal     

Maintenance Vs Charged Work

Maintenance Work

Maintenance works are the repair, replacement and upkeep of existing UNE building assets.

Common maintenance requests include:

  • toilets are blocked
  • taps are leaking
  • lights are flickering or not working
  • air conditioning not working/too hot/too cold
  • door or lock is jammed, lose or not working
  • lift breakdowns
  • power outage
  • autoclaves not reaching temperature
  • fume cupboard not circulating air
  • bad smell (gas, damp, sewage)

Work classified as maintenance is funded by FMS.

Charged Work

Charged works are new installations, renovations & modifications to existing fit outs. This includes the purchase of new equipment such as whiteboards, chairs & desks.

Common new works requests include:

  • power point installations
  • degassing refrigerators and freezers
  • new carpet or blind installations for cosmetic purposes
  • erecting banners for events
  • Installing new air conditioning units
  • Painting for cosmetic reasons

All jobs classified as new work are funded by the Department, Facility or College that occupies the space in the building. FMS will pick up the administration costs associated with the charged work at no cost, however all other costs are past on as cost recovery.


FMS is responsible for:

  • the provision of maintenance services for UNE facilities and acts as the building owner for all UNE properties
  • acting as the building owner in respect to asset management and compliance with statutory and regulatory building requirements
  • maintenance and repair of plant & equipment
  • setting up Service Level Agreements, Memorandum of Understandings & Contracts where contractors are to be engaged to provide specialist building & infrastructure services
  • ensuring compliance against statutory and regulatory building requirements
  • engaging contractors to undertake maintenance work relating to UNE building fabric, structure and services
  • managing the Service Level Agreements, Memorandum of Understandings & Contracts set up by FMS.

Faculties, Departments & Colleges are responsible for:

  • ensuring that facilities are kept in a safe and tidy condition.
  • reporting building-related faults & maintenance to FMS.
  • funding charged work that sits outside general maintenance.
  • maintaining equipment owned by the faculty, department or College.

Faculties, Departments & Colleges are not to:

  • engage contractors directly or undertake maintenance work relating to UNE’s building fabric, structure and services.
  • carry out maintenance themselves. Maintenance includes but not limited to painting, carpentry, plumbing, mechanical, refrigeration, electrical or outside work involving grounds & gardens.

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