Fume Cupboard Safety Assessment

To be completed prior to FMS carrying out repairs on fume cabinets.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Has the fume cabinet developed a fault while in use? *
Has a DO NOT USE tag been applied? *
Is the alarm still operating? *
Is protective equipment needed by maintenance staff? *
Has the fume cupboard been emptied of all chemicals and equipment? *
Is it safe to open the cabinet? *
Can the fume cabinet be decommissioned? *
Has drainage been flushed free of danger or contamination? *
Is an electrician required? *
Is a plumber required? *
Are MSDS available? *
Is safe work procedure (SWP) provided? *
Has the fume cabinet been wiped down? *
Has the surrounding area been wiped down/clean? *
Declaration *

The information provided on this form is being collected to carry out repairs on fume cabinets. This information will be processed by Facilities Management Services (FMS). Information collected on this form will adhere to UNE’s Privacy Management Rule and Procedures. Please visit UNE's Privacy page for more information.