Capital Development

Capital Development

The Capital Development Department within Facilities Management Services provides the opportunity for the University to undertake alterations, additions and upgrades to existing building infrastructure as opposed to maintenance of the building infrastructure. Generally these works utilise external contractors.

All New Works for the above, whether done in-house or externally are costed to the client and follow a set of procedures identical to those of a commercial contract. For a fuller explanation of these procedures please refer below.

All New Works must be requested on the appropriate Work Request Form available from either the Faculty/Department Administration, Facilities Management Services or on the Web.

All Capital Development new works will follow a standard procedure and depending on the size of the project some procedures may be more involved than others. Client involvement will be encouraged on all larger projects.

Once received in FMS the request is assigned a Work Order Number and Project Supervisor will provide to the client an estimated cost. All Estimates are valid for 30 days from date of issue, after that time a new Estimate would be required before proceeding further. The first estimate will be provided free of charge, but subsequent estimates for the same project will be charged at the rate of $45.00 per hour.

Client to authorise FMS to proceed or not to proceed with work and return to the FMS Office. Once authority to proceed with the work is received in the FMS office, the Project Supervisor will proceed to raise all necessary documentation e.g.

  • Architects/Engineers Designs
  • Specification
  • Tender
  • Contract
  • Contract Administration and Works Supervision.

(These are examples but individual projects will determine actual documentation requirement.)

Project Supervisor to advise client of all or any of the following occurrences e.g.

  • Client Responsibilities
  • Start Date
  • Project Target Dates
  • Price Variations
  • Any Revision to Scope of Works
  • Completion Date

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