Strategic Transport

Transport management at UNE aims to reduce and off-set emissions attributable to travel practices of students, staff and other members of the UNE community. To achieve this UNE is actively reviewing policy and practices to promote sustainable transport on campus.  One key area which UNE is focusing on is reducing and off setting emissions from staff air travel and from the University's motor vehicle fleet.

Providing sustainable transport options for students and staff fosters a healthy lifestyle. Reducing traffic congestion and relieving parking pressure are key sustainability goals for the University. These goals are being met by providing diverse and effective options for transport.

Public Transport

One specific initiative which is addressing student transport needs is subsided bus services on campus. This initiative provides students with subsidised bus fares as well as a free shuttle bus between the residential colleges and the academic campus. This not only reduces transport emissions but is also helping to alleviate pressure on the UNE parking system. The Bus Timetable varies depending on time of year due to semester breaks and external variables. It is advised to contact the bus company directly if unsure.


The University of New England encourages cycling as a sustainable method of transport. The Cycle Way Map [.pdf 1.7MB] illustrates Bike Lanes and Cyclist Paths throughout Armidale and onto the University.  If cycling is it important to:

  • Obey all road rules and traffic signs.
  • Signal your intentions when turning.
  • Ride with traffic on the left hand side of the road.
  • Be mindful of all other road users by responding to road and traffic conditions.
  • Wear high visibility clothing and correctly fitted approved helmet.
  • Install a suitably mounted white light (steady or flashing) on the front of your bike, and a red light (steady or flashing) on the rear of your bike for use when visibility is poor. These lights must be visible for at least 200m.
  • Your bike must also have a red reflector visible for at least 50m to the rear.

Did you know?

Cycling just one day a week instead of driving can save 360kg of Green House Gas emission a year.


A recent initiative of the University has been to providing students with direct access to alternate transport, in the form of electric bike rental. This initiative acts to support the personalisation of the UNE experience and enhancing the student experience. The bicycles have been available since first semester 2011 and are extremely popular with students. They meet the aim of UNE to create an integrated transport network that promotes the use of public transport, walking and cycling as the primary modes of movement across campus and into Armidale. Enquiries regarding the UNe-Bikes can be directed to Sport UNE ebikes web page