Transportation Rules

A University traveler will be provided, where possible, with a motor vehicle for travel on official business.

Vehicle & Mechanical Services

The University maintains a fleet of motor vehicles for the use of authorised University travellers.

To obtain authorisation, travellers must complete the following forms:

  • Authority to Drive a UNE Vehicle
  • Motor Vehicle Driver's Questionnaire
  • Vehicle & Mechanical Services Safety Principles

Bookings for vehicles may be made by email or phone 02 6773 2084. However, a requisition must be presented when collecting the vehicle.

Departmental Vehicles

Vehicles may be allocated to a Faculty, Directorate, School, Department, College or Research Centre for official use only and these areas will meet all costs of the vehicle. It will be necessary to nominate a staff member to be responsible for the vehicle.

Departmental Vehicles are not to be used for Personal use. Personal use includes travel to and from home. Any inappropriate use of the University Vehicle will be the responsibility of the nominated staff member including all resulting costs.

Vehicle & Mechanical Services in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Services Officer will review vehicle purchases and sales as required.

  • All motor vehicles owned, financed and/or leased by the University, regardless of where the funds originated, are the property of the University. Vehicle purchase options are made at the discretion of the Chief Financial Officer.
  • New residents or visitors to New South Wales (NSW) from interstate or internationally are required to comply with the NSW RTA licence requirements. Information can be found on the NSW Roads and Maritime (RMS) website.
  • Any person, whose driving licence has expired, been suspended, cancelled or altered in any way, must inform the Vehicle & Mechanical Services Supervisor in writing, including the reason for the change, within 48 hours. The person must cease driving University Vehicles immediately and must not use any other vehicle for University purposes.
  • All vehicle drivers may park a UNE car at their home overnight where returning the vehicle to the UNE would involve a return journey in excess of 50 km's, after or before working hours, provided this is arranged with the Vehicle Pool.
  • Salary Packaged Vehicles

    Staff may salary sacrifice a vehicle. For information please contact Human Resource Services by emailing

    Personal Vehicles

    Vehicle & Mechanical Services has a workshop that staff can take their private vehicle to have serviced and repaired. Arrangements can be made by contacting Vehicle & Mechanical Services on extension 2084.

    The Travel Guidelines/Rates contain guidance on circumstances under which staff are permitted to use their own vehicle on official business. Staff using their own vehicle for University business should be aware that their vehicle is not covered under the University's insurance. The remuneration claimed for the use of a private vehicle for University business has a component which covers running costs, wear and tear etc.

    Remuneration for the use of an employee's vehicle will be at the rate set in the most recent UNE Professional Staff Workplace Agreement, & UNE Academic & ELC Staff Workplace Agreement and the vehicle must be covered by insurance for business use. Proof of the insurance document should be lodged with the Travel Officer.