Rates & Vehicles

Rates for Vehicles

Rates are for the hire of vehicles provided by Vehicle & Mechanical Services. Fuel and routine maintenance are included in the hire.

Vehicle Type

Price per KLM

Price per DAY

Mid - Camry, Carolla, Mondeo

$0.51 cents


Large - Kluger, Outlander, iLoad

$0.59 cents


4WD - Prado, Hilux, Commuter, Imax

$0.81 cents


Truck/Bus - Dyna, Coaster

$1.20 100.00




  • The DAY rate applies when vehicles travel less than 90 kilometres per day
  • Fuel is Included
  • Extras include major repairs or insurance excess, fines and tolls, cleaning fees and refueling fees

Additional Costs:

$1000 excess for any damage caused to the vehicle while on hire. This includes tyres, windscreen, panel and interior condition damage.

Please note rates are reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change. Please check with Vehicle & Mechanical Services if you have any further enquiries.

Vehicles Available for Hire

Below is a list of vehicle types, and number of each available. If you have needs in regards to manual or automatic vehicles, please contact the Vehicle Pool on 6773 2084.

Vehicle Type

Seating Capacity


4 -5 (incl. driver)

4WD wagons/Dual Cab Utilities

4-5 (incl. driver)

Automatic Commuter Bus

12 (incl. driver)

Manual Coaster Bus

22 (incl. driver)

Table Top Truck

2-3 (incl. driver)

Trailer (with canopy)


NB: RTA log book is required when using buses outside a radius of 100 kilometres from the University.

Additional Details:
  • LR license is the minimum requirement to drive a Coaster bus.
  • A cleaning fee may be imposed at the discretion of the fleet supervisor on vehicles returned in filthy condition.
  • A refuelling fee may be imposed at the discretion of the vehicle pool staff on any vehicle returned not refuelled.