Driving Vehicles

University Staff should not drive a University vehicle for more than 2 hours without a 15 minute break. If the feeling of fatigue becomes apparent before the 2 hours then it is advisable to stop and have a break at that point. Refer to the RMS website for further details.

As all vehicle console operations are different, drivers should consult the owner's handbook, located in the glove box, if they require any information on driving the vehicle.

Drivers are required to adhere to traffic and parking regulations. Payment of driving penalties, (i.e. parking, traffic, speeding) infringements issued to members of staff whilst driving a University vehicle, will be the responsibility of the driver. The University will not accept responsibility for payment of any penalties incurred by staff.

Only in special circumstances and after approval by the Chief Financial Officer, may a vehicle be home garaged. A register of home garaged vehicles is maintained Vehicle & Mechanical Services.

  • All vehicles issued through Vehicle & Mechanical Services will have a University identification decal affixed.
  • Smoking is not permitted in University vehicles at all.
  • The drinking of alcohol is not permitted in UNE vehicles.
  • Only vehicles designated to transport animals should be used for this purpose. Animals are not to be carried in normal University vehicles. Please contact Vehicle & Mechanical Services for more information.
  • There is a first aid kit in the glove compartment of every University vehicle. If replacements for a first aid kit are required, please contact the Vehicle Pool on 6773 2084.

If a staff member has been found in breach of any of these conditions, permission to use University vehicles may be withdrawn.