Bus Guidelines

Where a staff member requires a bus (including mini-bus) for use on University Business, they should follow the guidelines in this document. Note that selection of mode of transport should be made after consideration of needs and risk.

The preferred bus solutions (in order of preference) are noted below. Please select a preferred option in preference over another option unless it is not available or it is not suitable due to special circumstances. Where an option is not listed it should not be used except with approval from the Head of School and Strategic Procurement prior to commencing the trip.

Options (in order of preference with most preferred listed first) include:

  • Service provided by a registered passenger company e.g. Edwards in Armidale
  • UNE pool vehicle (with UNE staff driver)
  • UNE pool vehicle (with non UNE driver who is a registered volunteer)
  • Hire company bus (with UNE staff driver)
  • Hire company bus (with non UNE driver who is a registered volunteer)

Where the service is not provided by a registered passenger company then the following guidelines must be followed:

Where a staff member or non UNE driver (who is a registered volunteer) undertakes to drive a mini­ bus on University business, the following guidelines must be complied with:

  1. The driver must hold a current Drivers Licence, applicable to the vehicle type
  2. The driver must provide the Licence to Motor Pool staff on the day of hire where a UNE pool vehicle is used
  3. Travel Policy and Guidelines must be followed
  4. Vehicle must be roadworthy, registered and insured (CTP and Comprehensive)
  5. Detailed itinerary to be provided prior to departure
  6. No more than 7 hours driving in any one day
  7. Breaks from driving must be taken every two hours
  8. Where trips are one day outings (or multiple days), the driver must be given adequate opportunity to rest between drives during each day
  9. Where driving small rigid vehicles is not part of normal duties, staff member may volunteer for driving but must not be coerced.