Pest Management

Facilities Management Services are responsible for managing pests, including:

  • cockroaches
  • fleas
  • wasps
  • bees
  • feral or stray cats
  • ants
  • birds
  • possums
  • rats and mice
  • spiders
  • dead animals
  • silverfish
  • termites
  • rabbits
  • deer
  • bird lice

Note - Snake sightings are to be reported to Safety, Security & Information on 6773 2099. They have staff who have been trained in snake handling & are able in many instances to catch & relocate snakes from areas where high levels of human traffic reside.

Early reporting of pest issues is important, to avoid negative impacts and reduce maintenance costs.

FMS Help Desk - phone 02 6773 2065

Email -

ArchibusReport directly into system (if you’re already set up as an approved operator)

Pest control strategy

We aim to reduce the negative impact of pests on administration, teaching and research activities while preserving the diversity and natural balance of animal life, and restricting pesticide use.

Good housekeeping:

  • Regular cleaning reduces the build up of materials that may provide food or shelter to pests
  • Ensure that food scraps are placed in the allocated bins in kitchen areas and lunch rooms
  • Efficient waste management, including clearing waste daily.

Regular monitoring:

  • Academic & Professional staff are to report sightings of pests or indications that pests are present.
  • Cleaners are also required to report sightings of pest or pest droppings