Parking Machines

UNE has 7 Parking Machines on Campus. Their locations are as follows

  • Elm Ave – Next to the UNE Directory Board
  • Eastern Car Park
  • Booloominbah Drive
  • Southern Car Park
  • Psychology Lane
  • Western Car Park
  • Northern Car Park

Northern Car Park Ticket Machine

The parking machines accept payment via credit card and coins only. Credit cards accepted are Visa and Mastercard. The parking machines do not accept debit cards

Note - the machines do not accept 5 cent pieces nor do they accept notes. If you are intending to purchase a ticket from any Parking Machines on campus it is advisable to either bring enough coin with you, as there are limited places on campus to obtain change or pay via your Visa or Mastercard.

Tariff Rates are as follows: (Suspended till 2021)

  • Daily - Minimum purchase $1.00 (equals 1 hour of parking time) up to $8.00 (equals 8 hours parking time). Proportional rates apply in between.
  • 7 x Days - $15.00 (flat fee)

Please read directions on the Parking Machines on how to purchase a ticket. Note - the steps are slightly different when purchasing a daily ticket (proportional rates) to a weekly ticket (flat rate).

Tickets purchased from a Parking Machine must be displayed on the dash board of the vehicle in accordance with the UNE Parking Policy & Parking Procedures.

Ticket holders (either Parking Machine or Scratch and Display) are permitted to park in both Purple (visitor) & Blue Permit Bays.