To report a maintenance issue phone the FMS Help desk on 6773 2065 or if you have access to the ARCHIBUS web portal (or know someone in your area that does) you or they can log in & report the issue on-line.

If you wish to become an authorised person with a username & password access to report maintenance directly into Archibus, you need to email the FMS Help Desk at Your request will be assessed by the Finance & Administration manager & if approved you will be issued with log in details & training will be organised for you.

Otherwise to report a maintenance issue please call or email the FMS Help Desk on :

FMS Help Desk 

Archibus Web Portal

Who Pays ?......Maintenance Vs Charged Work

All maintenance requests are classified by the type of work that needs to be done. The classification determines how the work is funded.

Maintenance work

Maintenance works are the repair, replacement and upkeep of existing UNE building assets.

Common maintenance requests include:

  • toilets are blocked
  • taps are leaking
  • lights are flickering or not working
  • air conditioning not working/too hot/too cold
  • door or lock is jammed, lose or not working
  • lift breakdowns
  • power outage
  • autoclaves not reaching temperature
  • fume cupboard not circulating air
  • bad smell (gas, damp, sewage).

Work classified as maintenance is funded by FMS.

Charged Work

Charged works are new installations, renovations & modifications to existing fit outs. This includes the purchase of new equipment such as whiteboards, chairs & desks.

Common new works requests include:

  • power point installations
  • degassing refrigerators and freezers
  • new carpet or blind installations for cosmetic purposes
  • erecting banners for events
  • Installing new air conditioning units
  • painting for cosmetic reasons

All jobs classified as new work are funded by the Department, Facility or College that occupies the space in the building. FMS will pick up the administration costs associated with the charged work, however all other costs are past on as cost recovery.


FMS is responsible for:

  • the provision of maintenance services for UNE facilities and acts as the building owner for all UNE properties
  • acting as the building owner in respect to asset management and compliance with statutory and regulatory building requirements
  • maintenance and repair of plant & equipment
  • setting up Service Level Agreements, Memorandum of Understandings & Contracts where contractors are to be engaged to provide specialist building & infrastructure services
  • ensuring compliance against statutory and regulatory building requirements
  • engaging contractors to undertake maintenance work relating to UNE building fabric, structure and services
  • managing the Service Level Agreements, Memorandum of Understandings & Contracts set up by FMS.

Faculties, Departments & Colleges are responsible for:

  • ensuring that facilities are kept in a safe and tidy condition.
  • reporting building-related faults & maintenance to FMS.
  • funding charged work that sits outside general maintenance.
  • maintaining equipment owned by the faculty, department or College.

Faculties, Departments & Colleges are not to:

  • engage contractors directly or undertake maintenance work relating to UNE’s building fabric, structure and services.
  • carry out maintenance themselves. Maintenance includes but not limited to painting, carpentry, plumbing, mechanical, refrigeration, electrical or outside work involving grounds & gardens.