Notice of Disruption to Services

From time to time either maintenance or new construction work impacts on the day to day operations of Faculties, Departments & Colleges on campus. Some disruptions can be planed days or even weeks in advance & Facilities Management Services (FMS) in these circumstances give as much advance warning about the disruption as possible so that arrangements can be put in place to minimise the inconvenience to those effected. An example of this would be something like earth works needing to be carried out in a car park & as a result that car park will need to be closed for a week whist the earth works take place. Knowing in advice Staff, Students & the wider UNE community can be informed via both email & Facebook at work of the earth works in advance & of alternate parking arrangement that are to be put in place for the period of Disruption.

However, advanced notice is not always possible. Something like an underground water pipe bursting causing a loss of pressure to surrounding buildings is unforeseen. With no advance warning our plumbers have to act immediately to rectify the problem. This would involve turning off the supply of water to the effected pipe cutting off water to those building impacted by the low water pressure. Then the pipe needs to be repaired before the supply of water can be restored. This could take several hours to complete leaving the effected buildings without water. As you can see, some maintenance jobs are reactive & can’t be communicated in advance.

Regardless whether its planned or reactive maintenance FMS will try to communicate with the effected stakeholders when there is a disruption to services. Our aim is to keep those impacted by the disruption informed in order to minimise the impact & to restore operational activity back to normal as quickly as possible.