Cleaning and garbage collection

T C Lamble Foyer

Cleaning services

Cleaning services on the academic campus are under contract. Cleaning is scheduled daily and fortnightly.

The cleaning department can be reached by phoning extension x 2467 or email

UNE also have daytime cleaning staff to undertake emergency cleaning which arises. To request their services please contact us.

Programmed cleaning such as shampooing carpets and washing windows take place however at less frequent intervals. If you have would like further information about these services please email

You can expect a high standard of work from all our contractors. If you have any feedback about cleaning services, please feel free to contact us on extension x 2467 by emailing

Garbage collection

Garbage waste is under contract which incorporates the entire campus. Any problems associated with bins not being emptied, missing, inadequate or if you have a different service requirement, please contact the FMS Help desk on or by phoning 6773 2065.