CB Newling

Photo of C B Newling

CB Newling Campus is approximately seven kilometers across town from UNE's main campus.  The building is used by numerous groups and organisations some of which are permanent tenants while others are regular and/or occasional users. The Building incorporates the New England Conservatorium of Music, UNE Music dept, UNE Partnerships, Spastic Center and various other musical and associated bodies.

C B Newling Gardens

The College was established in 1928 at the site of the former gaol. There were 63 enrolments in its first year. The CB Newling building was completed in 1931 for the sum of £ 98,920.The University of New England is the corporate manager of the CB Newling Campus and is charged with the care, control and management of the CB Newling Campus and complex. The campus is managed for both students and community use.

C B Newling Building

A conservation plan was undertaken for the CB Newling Building and its grounds in 1996. It highlighted the following points concerning the significance of the building:

  • It was the first college in NSW to be established outside of Sydney and only the second to be established in the state.
  • The establishment of the college was instrumental in the subsequent setting up of the University of New England.
  • The building furnishes evidence of the unique and important place that the College of Advanced Education (CAE) occupied in the development of Aboriginal education in NSW.

The main building is currently listed by the following heritage authorities: