Facilities Management Services (FMS)

The Facilities Management Services (FMS) has as its primary focus on capital development the maintenance of the University infrastructure and its support services.

FMS operations are linked, directed and driven by the operations and desired outcomes of the University primary functions as outlined in the University Strategic Plan.

The function of Facilities Management Services is to provide service and technical expertise in the area of facilities and services support to an agreed level and quality, in direct relationship to supplied funding. In our area of defined responsibility and expertise, legislative, quality, work health and safety and operational factors are monitored, assessed and acted upon as necessary to provide the best outcomes in line with University requirements and directions. We are a service provider to the University community and as such supports the University's mission of 'excellence in teaching, scholarship and research' by 'the provision of a supportive learning environment.

FMS are committed to the University's vision of enhancing quality living and learning environments. We deliver effective client service through our valued staff and sustainable allocation of resources.

Contact us

FMS Help Desk | phone 02 6773 2065 | ef-maint@une.edu.au

  • For reporting all maintenance issues including: - Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Refrigeration, Fire Safety, Carpentry, Grounds & Gardens
  • Requesting door / building signage
  • Furniture removals
  • Environmental issues
  • Property inquiries
  • Building Refurbishments
  • Capital Development
  • Space Management

Vehicle & Mechanical Services |  phone 02 6773 2084 |  vms@une.edu.au

  • To book a vehicle from the motor pool
  • To have your car serviced

Stores | phone 02 6773 2740 | No email

  • For inquiries about parcel / bulk deliveries & pick ups

Mail Room | phone 02 6773 2141 | mailroom@une.edu.au

  • For internal, domestic & international mail inquiries

Cleaning | phone 02 6773 2467 | ef-maint@une.edu.au

  • To report a cleaning issue
  • Inquire about an add hoc room booking


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Facilities Management Services

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