Career Development

Learning may be its own reward, but here at UNE we are well aware that putting your learning into practice is what really pays.

You don't need to wait until you finish your degree to start developing your career, because we offer a number of resources and services to help you get ahead in the workplace while you complete your studies.

Career Development can provide students with many services, including:

  • assistance with career planning
  • advice about relevant courses of study
  • evaluation of work style and preferences
  • appraisal of career transition readiness
  • group workshops on job applications and interviews
  • individual consultations
  • professional skills development (eg WORK300/500)
  • access to internship opportunities
  • providing information about graduate employment opportunities
  • reviewing and providing feedback on draft job applications prior to submission.

We're here to help you from day one right through to your transition to graduate employment. It's never to early to start preparing yourself and planning your career path.

Visit Career Development to find out more about the resources and services available to students.