At UNE we strive to offer you the most flexible study options without losing any of the rigour required in a quality tertiary education.

Whatever study options you take, UNE will support you and ensure your options remain as flexible as possible so you can study and live your life at the same time.

Your study options

Study on campus for a traditional face-to-face education experience with an added bonus of small class sizes, a beautiful campus with excellent facilities.

Or you can study from wherever you are by utilising our new generation of innovative online education that has made tertiary education more flexible and accessible than ever.

Full- or part-time study

Study at the pace you want, whether that be part time or full time, utilising the three annual study periods to fast track your degree. Find out more about choosing full- or part-time study.

Cross-institutional study

We offer opportunities for students at other universities to study UNE units cross-institutionally.

Non-award study

You can choose to take a unit or two for your own enrichment outside of a degree program through Non-Award study.