Welcome to English at UNE! We offer a creative and rigorous undergraduate major in English in the BA, as well as an Honours program and degrees at Masters and PhD level.

Love reading? Undergraduate units in English look at books, plays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction written in English from a range of cultures and markets. You can study texts from American, Australian, British, and Indigenous cultures. You can also study texts from key historical periods, such as the Renaissance and the Victorian era. And you can gain understanding of important cultural, theoretical, and social concerns, such as Critical Theory, Australian Literature and Children's Literature.

You can study English on-campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home or abroad.

Why study English at UNE?

If you want to find out how great literature works, discover how literature and society shape each other, learn effective research techniques, and write to persuade, inform and delight, then take English at UNE!

English has been taught at UNE since the university was founded in 1938. We pride ourselves on our rigorous and creative approaches to literature, to reading, and to writing. As well as the core units that make up the heart of the English Major at undergraduate level, we offer a range of interdisciplinary units that encourage students to understand more about the cultures and contexts that produce literature and writing. We also train students in creative and practical writing, with an eye to their future careers.

Undergraduate courses

English can be studied as a major in the following courses:

Bachelor degrees

English can also be studied in the Bachelor of Media and Communications alongside a major in Media and Culture or Writing and Publishing.

For Bachelor Honours see under postgraduate courses.

Undergraduate Diplomas

in which you can study English

Postgraduate courses

English can also be studied at postgraduate level in coursework or research programs.

Bachelor Honours

Find out more about Honours

Postgraduate coursework

Postgraduate research

Find out more about Higher Degree Research


English graduates are dynamic and flexible, using their talents in a large range of careers. These include:

  • administration work in almost every field
  • advertising
  • broadcasting
  • civil service
  • communications
  • creative writing
  • editing
  • journalism
  • market research
  • policy work
  • production
  • public relations
  • publishing
  • teaching
  • technical writing
  • television writing
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Further Information

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