Non-award study

Non-award study is where you just study individual units that interest you, but aren't enrolling in a degree program. You can choose to take a unit or two for your own enrichment outside of a degree program through non-award study.

There are many reasons you may wish to enrol into non-award study, such as trying out different areas of study before committing to a degree program, as an addition to your completed studies, perhaps to up-skill in a new area or just for personal enrichment and enjoyment.

Most units offered at UNE are available to eligible students for non-award study on a full-fee basis. However, you need to make sure you have the required requisite knowledge for any advanced classes.

You can study non-award units on campus or online in any of the three teaching periods. As a non-award student you get the same high level of education as everyone else and your completed non-award units may be able to be credited towards a degree at UNE or another university at a later date.


For non-award admission:

Online Application — Apply Online

International students should apply through UNE International.