What is FutureCampus?

The FutureCampus in Parramatta is much more than a study centre. It's an innovative learning hub, and cornerstone of UNE's online teaching vision. It provides a flexible and open learning environment that:

  • Enables students to balance study, social, work, and family needs.
  • Provides the most advanced relevant technology delivery platform, to meet student aspirations for how they want to learn
  • Opens access to learning to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Facilitates interaction and collaboration with the best of the world's teaching resources.

What FutureCampus provides

FutureCampus provides a physical presence and virtual connection for students studying at UNE in Western Sydney. The study centre enables learning, and provides a venue for community engagement activities.

FutureCampus delivers innovation in:

  • delivery of course content
  • student support
  • open access to facilitate local small group collaboration
  • access to telecommuting technology enabling participation in lectures
  • flexible 1:1 tutoring or course advice
  • course administration such as assignment submission, and
  • other student administrative services.

More about what you can do at FutureCampus Parramatta

This project is funded by the Australian Government as part of the Structural Adjustment Fund with additional support from the University of New England.